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Groups are dedicated communities within AIXR, rich in information, insights and insider knowledge designed to bring leaders and industry together under one roof. As a member you can follow a group to keep up to date with technological trends and see advice from experts is working in the industry.

Only members that are a part of AIXR’s advisor status program are eligible to join the cohort of advisors who regularly vote industry policy, content and initiatives, along with attending powerful invite only monthly meetings to network with other industry experts.

Academy Industry Groups

Steering Board

Made up of a broad spectrum of companies, both big and small, from different areas of the immersive industry. The Board oversees the direction, strategy and work that the academy does.

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Entertainment Tools & Services

For those providing business services to the entertainment industry, discuss and learn about the latest in entertainment including but not limited to: volumetric capture, social & virtual worlds, broadcasting & streaming and distribution methods.

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Enterprise Services & Tools

Discussing enterprise-grade services and tools related to the Metaverse. This can include professional services like consultancy, architecture and engineering. As well as, enterprise distribution, licensing & tools, and digital twins.

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Hardware & Infrastructure

Discussions around hardware platforms for the Metaverse, such as Peripherals, Haptics, HMDs, Semiconductors, and Telecommunications. As well as, how these platforms are integrated into enterprise workflows via Integrators & MDMs.

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Consumer Entertainment

A group for those interested game design, development, publishing and distribution for at home and location based entertainment. Exploring trending topics, insight and career progression within the games market and their respective platforms.

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Arts & Media

For those passionate about independent films and media production. Discuss the art of storytelling, directing, producing and curating content. Explore how new technologies are changing the landscape of creative media and how to make the most of them.

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Retail & Consumer

Those working with retail and consumer products, this group is focused on how to market, distribute and sell in the Metaverse. Topics include but are not limited to: luxury goods, fashion & beauty, direct to consumer marketing, exhibitions & events, , home & DIY and grocery.

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Academic Education

Those passionate about education and academic research. Discuss the landscape and curriculum of higher education, undergraduate programs, graduate programs, pre-primary, primary & secondary education, technical and vocational education.


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Training & Development

For those who provide or are interested in training and development for professional and industrial applications. Discuss different training platforms, techniques and how to develop the future skills needed for enterprise and business use.


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Healthcare & Wellbeing

Discuss and learn about how Medical training, Diagnosis and treatment, Medical infrastructure, Social & Disability Services are being used in the Metaverse. As well as how these services are integrated into existing Hospital, GP and Dental Practice workflows.

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Aerospace and Defense

This advisory group is for those providing business services to the Aerospace & Defense industry. Discussions will include the latest technology and applications for civil aviation, military aviation, commercial space, unmanned aircraft, and defense services.

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Financial Services

This is the perfect place to discuss all things finance as they relate to the Metaverse industry. Explore and learn about the latest in Venture Capital, Exchanges & Wallets, Banking Infrastructure, Crowdfunding, Decentralized Finance, Digital Economies, and Insurance.

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Travel & Tourism

This group is for those in the travel and tourism industry who want to learn about how to use the Metaverse to enhance their offering. Tailored for popup and permanent attractions, hotels and accommodation, transportation, and tour operators.

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Safety & Security

As the Metaverse becomes more integrated into our lives, it is important to maintain a safe and secure environment. This group will discuss various safety & security measures including but not limited to: cyber security, health & safety, biometric data and privacy/legal concerns.


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