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Training & Development

Build better business skill sets within the Metaverse.

The Training & Development Advisory Group looks at the different platforms, techniques and methods used to provide training for professional and industrial applications.

The group comprises of experts who develop or implement VR, AR & Web3 based training programs for businesses and enterprise. As well as those with experience in eLearning, instructional design and educational technology.

Follow the group to learn about the latest trends in business training, get insights into how to develop future-proofed skill sets for workforce. Alternatively, apply to become an advisor if you have extensive knowledge or experience in business training & development.

Members from:

  • Training Platforms
  • Industrial Training
  • Professional Development
  • Training Consultancy

Group Chairs

John Fecci Director of Partnerships, Immerse

Training & Development Co-Chair

John is the Partnerships Director at Immerse, the leading immersive ecosytem for enterprise. The Immerse Platform attracts companies that want to consolidate, manage and distribute their XR content such as Shell, BP, DHL, Nestle and Mars.

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