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Let your career take flight in immersive technology

Join our growing team (based around the globe!) to be part of the cutting edge of innovative technology.

Being part of our remote team. 

In line with our mission to support the growth of the immersive industry, we’re constantly growing our team to match the increasing needs of our members, partners and clients.

We’re looking for people yearning to be part of the cutting edge of innovation, interested in working internationally within a fast paced startup environment.

Open Positions

Member Officer  Membership Team

Responsible for working with and looking after an existing stream of academy members to better support their needs, and ensure they’re getting the most out of their academy membership.


Digital Marketing Assistant  Marketing Team

Coordinate our digital marketing strategy across social media, web, and content. Work with the marketing manager to publish, engage and develop b2b media.


Academy Internship  All Teams

We partner with a variety of educational instituitons to offer unique internships across a broad spectrum of AIXR activities. If you’re interested in seeing if your instituon is an AIXR partner, please get in touch


Metaverse Events Manager Membership Team

Manage AIXR’s innovative digital & physical events from our flagship VR Awards to member mixers.


What does it mean to be part of a founding team?

A home for those who want to grow.

We’re about to enter into our next phase of expansion, and while we don’t hope to be a startup forever, we’re certainly holding onto our home grown roots, as our startup culture makes us unique.

This isn’t a place for stagnation or blocked progressions. This is a place to get stuck in and shape the job around you and show others what you can do when you have room to spread your wings.

Where dreams, ideas and technology flow.

We’re at the forefront of an industry where the rules are quite literally being written as we speak. This provides an incredible opportunity to make an impact on a space that is relatively new to people and who are on the same level of expertise as you.

As advocates for immersive technology, we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with hardware, experiences and people that are hard to come by for others – but this doesn’t stop us from getting excited about the technology, every single day.

Where ideas and technology flow.

We’re at the forefront of aninudstry where the rules are quite littraly being written as we speak. This provides an incredible opportunity to make an impact on space that relativly new to people, who are all on the same level as you when it comes to expertise.

As advoactes for immersive technology, we work with hardware, expereinces and people that others may not be as lucky to see – but this does’nt stop us being just as excited about the technology every single day..

Or even if you just hate it slow.

Decisions should be made in a matter of minutes, not days, or weeks or months. This is about giving our team the ability to have ownership over their ideas and using our nimble nature to move fast and take on each day as if it’s a new challenge.

No single idea goes unheard, and no contribution is too small. You’re here for a reason, and it’s that mutual trust and respect that’s going to allow us to grow together.

Join our growing team today.

IT’s time to make an impact

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