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Health & Wellbeing

Build better healthcare experiences within the metaverse.

The Health and Wellbeing Advisory Group focuses on how medical training, diagnosis and treatment, medical infrastructure, social and disability services are being used to create better healthcare processes.

Group Advisors include doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and those with experience in designing or using VR/AR & Web 3 applications for health purposes.

Follow the group to learn about how hospitals, GPs and other medical professionals are integrating Metaverse into their workflows. Alternatively apply to become an advisor if you have extensive knowledge or experience using technology within the healthcare sector.

Members from:

  • Medical training
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Medical infrastructure
  • Social & Disability Services
  • Hospitals, GPs and Dental Practices
  • Retirement and nursing care
  • Mental Health
  • Therapy

Group Chairs

Aaron Gani CEO, BehaVR

Health & Wellbeing Co-Chair

Aaron leads BehaVR, working to educate, motivate, and activate healthy behavior change, improving health and quality of life, addressing health’s toughest and most urgent problems. 

Group Followers

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