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Academic Education

Build better educational experiences in Metaverse.

The Academic Education Advisory Group is a platform for those passionate about education and academic research to come together and discuss the latest trends on the future of education.

Group members include platforms, educators, researchers, educational policy-makers and administrators from around the world. The group covers a wide range of topics relating to academia, including the landscape and curriculum of higher education, undergraduate programs, graduate programs, pre-primary, primary & secondary education, technical and vocational education.

Follow the group to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in academic research and get insights into new educational approaches being adopted by institutions worldwide. Alternatively, apply to become an advisor if you work in academia or have extensive knowledge of the sector.

Members from:

  • Higher Education
  • Undergraduate Education
  • Graduate education
  • Pre-Primary Education
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Technical & Vocational Education
  • Universities & Colleges

Group Chairs

Sophie Thompson CEO  VirtualSpeech

Academic Education Group Co-Chair

Sophie leads VirtualSpeech, a world-leader in immersive soft skills training, helping over 350,000 people in 130 countries to improve their skills and confidence, using a unique blend of e-learning and practice in virtual reality.

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