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Travel & Tourism

Build better educational and tourism expereinces in Metaverse.

The Travel & Tourism Advisory Group is a platform for those in the travel and tourism industry to learn about how they can utilise the Metaverse for their business. This includes discussions on popup and permanent attractions, hotels and accommodation, transportation, and tour operators.

The group is made up of professionals with experience in all areas of the travel and tourism industry. From those who have created successful virtual experiences, to those who have converted real world locations into digitally operated enterprises. As well as, experts on transportation logistics, hotel management and tour operator services.

Follow the group to learn about how you can use the Metaverse to enhance your travel or tourism business. Whether that’s by creating a virtual reality attraction, or setting up a digital transport system for your guests. Alternatively, apply to become an advisor if you have experience in any area of the travel or tourism industry and want to share your knowledge with others.

Members from:

  • Popup and permanent attractions
  • Hotels & Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Tour operators

Group Chairs

Henrique Pontes Founder  VRDuct

Travel & Tourism Group Co-Chair

Luke Farrer CEO, Lost Eagle Studios

Travel & Tourism Group Co-Chair

Luke operates Lost Eagle Studios, creating virtual replicas of the most beautiful and inaccessible parts of the natural world in true immersive 3-D.

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