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Consumer Entertainment

Build better games & entertainment businesses within the Metaverse.

The Consumer Entertainment Advisory Group focuses on the core areas of the games and entertainment sector, discussing topics surrounding game design, development, publishing and distribution for at home and location based entertainment.

The group comprises of experts across all areas of game development and publishing. From creative directors and game designers, to technical artists and programmers. As well as, those involved in game marketing, PR and distribution.

Follow the group to explore the latest trends in games development, learn about new platforms and get insights into the future of the industry. Alternatively, apply to become an advisor if you work in games development or have extensive knowledge of the sector.

Members from:

  • Game Design & Development
  • Publishers & Distributors
  • Gaming Platforms
  • Location based entertainment
  • Esports

Group Chairs

Aaron Pulkka ProgramDirector  Amber Labs

Consumer Entertainment Group Co-Chair

Aaron is an interactive entertainment design and production leader with 25+ years of experience with VR/AR, emerging tech & games, including roles at Walt Disney Imagineering, Sony, Activision and Two Bit Circus.

John Lilley CEO, meetspaceVR

Enterprise Services & Tools Group Co-Chair

John is a specialist in free-roam immersive expereinces  and is the operator of meetspaceVR arenas across the United Kingdom. Demonstrating that Immersive entertainment is the new anchor in retail and event strategy.

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