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Featured Micro-Courses

Introduction to Virtual Reality

Entry Level | AIXR Certifcation

A place to start your journey into VR. We break down the jargon and dispel the myths around this technology by introducing you to tools and resources that can accelerate your career.

Intellectual property for AI & XR

Entry Level | AIXR Certifcation

Introduce yourself to the concept of intellectual property protection in the metaverse, an understudied legal area of our immersive future that is sure to shape the ways that we do business.

Introduction to Aritifical Intelligence

Entry Level | AIXR Certifcation

Demystify AI concepts, feel comfortable discussing AI without being overwhelmed by technical jargon and confidently engage in basic conversations about AI.

Latest Courses

Introduction to Virtual Reality

Discover the history and future of virtual reality technology in this comprehensive on-demand course. Learn the fundamentals of VR and its uses.

Introduction to Augmented Reality

Explore the potential of Augmented Reality and learn how to create AR experiences. Discover real-world use cases and the latest technologies.

Intellectual Property in the Metaverse

Understand the legal aspects of intellectual property in the Metaverse. Learn how to protect your creations and navigate IP disputes in virtual worlds.

Web3 Marketing Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Web3 marketing, including blockchain, decentralized apps and NFTs. Gain insights on how to reach and engage with Web3 audiences.

Teaching and Instructional Design in the Metaverse

Discover best practices for teaching in virtual worlds. Learn how to engage learners and create immersive experiences in this on-demand course.

Marketing Immersive Technology

Explores the principles of marketing for VR/AR technologies. Create effective strategies and campaigns to promote immersive products and experiences.

Metaverse Leadership Certification

Develop your skills in managing and leading teams within the metaverse industry. Gain knowledge on industry-specific strategies and best practices.

XR Globalization and Localization

Unlock the potential of your XR application in global markets. Learn to effectively localize and expand your reach with our XR Globalization and Localization course.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How much do AIXR’s courses cost?

AIXR has a library of free courses available. Those who want unlimited access to our paid courses, and the additional benefits afforded by premium membership.

Q: Will you receive a certificate or accreditation upon completion?

Yes! You can also use your certificate to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential employers or clients and can be added to their resume or LinkedIn profile.

Q: Who can benefit from AIXR’s courses?

Anyone who wants to gain knowledge and skills related to immersive and web3 technology. Gain an understanding of the latest trends, best practices, and tools in the field, as well as practical skills for designing, developing, and deploying.

Q: How long are the courses, and what’s the time commitment?

The length of courses varies, from a few hours to several weeks. The expected time commitment will be listed in the course description. You can commit as much or as little time as you want.

Q: What can I expect from each module or lesson?

AIXR’s courses are self-paced and on-demand. Each module or lesson typically includes a mix of instructional materials, such as videos, readings, and assessments.

Q: Do I get access to any other resources?

Yes! You’ll also have access to the AIXR community, where you can network with other professionals in the industry, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects in addition to an exhaustive library of templates, demos and research.

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