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Introduction to Augmented Reality Course

Introduce yourself to the concept of Augmented Reality, as we break down the jargon and dispel the myths around this technology by introducing you to the tools and resources that can accelerate your career or business. 

Daniel Colaianni

AIXR Trainer


This course has been built for newcomers to the field of Augmented Reality. Within the course, we cover this rapidly growing, fascinating technology that fuses the digital and real worlds together. We also look at the ways in which it is set to change our lives.

  • Understand the current state of the AR industry, and where it fits into the XR framework.
  • Learn more about the ways that AR is being used across industry sectors
  • Gain insight into the hardware & software that can be used to produce AR experiences
  • Discover potential future developments within the AR industry


We aim to provide you with a clear understanding of the impact that Augmented Reality technology has on industries, while building an intricate picture of how it can be found in your day to day life.

M1 - What is Augmented Reality

Users will build an understanding of the definition of AR, and review where it appears within a wider XR framework. Users will also look at the types of AR that can be found currently, and the benefits and potential features afforded by the use of AR as a tool.

📚 In this module:

  • What AR Means
  • AR vs VR/MR/XR
  • Why use AR
  • Types of AR
M2 - Who's using Augmented Reality?

Within this module, users are given use cases for AR across multiple sectors that they are likely to encounter throughout their daily lives. These include Entertainment, Consumer Productivity, Healthcare, Marketing, Education/Training, and Enterprise.

📚 In this module:

  • Entertainment Overview
  • Games Overview
  • Experience Overview
  • AR Social Media
  • Consumer Overview
  • Healthcare Overview
  • Education & Training Overview
  • Enterprise Overview
  • Marketing Overview
M3 - The AR Market

This module will break down the AR marketplace, looking at the ways that AR technology can be seen in various types of hardware and software currently available to users.

📚 In this module:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Platforms & Stores


M4 - Getting started with Augmented Reality

Users are given information regarding the tools that are instantly available to those who wish to start developing for AR. These include Social AR and Mobile AR frameworks, engines, and drag and drop tools.

📚 In this module:

  • Social AR
  • Mobile AR Frameworks
  • Development Engines
  • Drag & Drop Tools
M5 - The future of Augmented Reality

Within this module, users are given examples of potential future applications for AR across multiple sectors. These will range fron intelligent UI, through to direct to brain interfaces.

📚 In this module:

  • Growth Predictions
  • Predictive Technology
  • EMG Technology
  • Audio Advancements
  • Digital Twins
  • 5G Streaming
  • Holographic Streaming
  • Neural Interfaces
M6 - Where to go next

Users will be given recommended online communities and events that can support your growth, as well as potential career paths within the field of AR. An overview of the course learning outcomes will then be provided, before the module concludes with a short quiz to ensure a broad understanding of the introductory elements of AR.

📚 In this module:

  • Online Communities
  • Physical & Online Events
  • Career Paths
  • Questions & Support


AIXR instructors are real-world professionals, with practical day-to-day experience in metaverse industries. The academy works with instructors and advisor members to verify and further develop content to ensure it’s employer ready.

Daniel Colaianni

Daniel Colaianni

Chief Executive, AIXR

Daniel has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and advisor in the immersive and web3 technology space. As the leader of an executive board composed of major players in the industry such as Meta, Disney, Microsoft, and Google Daniel is well-equipped to provide insights on the history of VR technology and its future applications. 


Certified by leading professionals and organizations in your field, AIXR certificates are recognised by top metaverse employers. Advance your career and remain competitive in the job market by demonstrating your expertise and experience, giving potential employers confidence in your abilities.


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You also get access to a wide range of, templates, mentors, networking tools and industry events related to the course materials.

Introduction to Augmented Reality Course

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