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Teaching in the Metaverse Course

Is intimate, remote education possible, or are we doomed to Zoom? Discover the power and possibility of engaging, dynamic, and immersive educational experiences taught remotely using virtual reality headsets and social VR platforms.

Jason Moore

AIXR Trainer


This course has been built to demonstrate the captivating ability of teaching in the metaverse. The course allows educators to reimagine what remote instruction can look like, and provide the tools to bring students and instructors together in new and exciting ways.

  • Understand the potential of using immersive technology for educational purposes
  • Learn about the basic workings of the emerging metaverse and social VR platforms
  • Gain hands-on experience with using immersive technology for education.
  • Learn best practices for working with students in social VR.


This provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the potential for immersive technology as a tool within education. Learn about the existing metaverse and social VR platforms and access practical case studies showcasing the technology and best practices for working with students.

M1 - Welcome & Overview

Users are introduced to the learning content and objectives found within the course and our course leader, Jason Moore. The module will conclude with a discussion to help you make the most of the course.

📚 In this module:

  • Introduction to the concept and benefits to using Virtual Reality for remote education.
  • Outline of the key learning modules
  • Outline of the key learning objectives
M2 - Design Thinking Processes & Metaverse Principles

Users will be introduced to the concept of the metaverse and social VR education via a case study presented by Brooklyn College. The advantages of immersive technologies like VR as a medium for virtual education over alternatives like zoom will also be presented.

📚 In this module:

  • Module Introduction
  • Case Study: Brooklyn College
  • Introduction to Virtual Reality
  • Case Study: Brooklyn College – New Proposal
  • Introduction to the Metaverse
  • Social VR


M3 - Creating a Virtual Product Prototype

Users are presented with an overview of the VR headsets that currently exist in the marketplace. The process behind setting up a ‘VR Lab will be explained, alongside teaching modalities and an explanation of the platforms that currently exist for social VR. In a practical element, users will be encouraged to create an account on one or more of these platforms.

📚 In this module:

  • Module Introduction
  • Overview of Headsets
  • Setting Up a VR Lab
  • Teaching Modalities
  • Overview of Platforms
  • Action Steps
M4 - Applying Innovative Design Thinking Tools Within the Real World

Users will be encouraged to apply their area of study to the potential afforded by VR. The intricacies of lecturing in the metaverse will be outlined, with the process behind onboarding students to social VR platforms demonstrated. Accessibility, and other learning opportunities created by the metaverse are also explored.

📚 In this module:

  • Module Introduction
  • Your Particular Area of Study
  • Students First Steps: Understanding VR and the Metaverse
  • Lecturing in the Metaverse
  • Onboarding Students
  • Other Learning Opportunities in the Metaverse
  • Case Study: Class Examples
  • Accessibility
M5 - The Future of Metaverse Product Design and Prototyping.

Users are given tips for troubleshooting a number of common technical issues that may arise. A review of resources from Discord and AIXR’s own internal resources will be shared, and mention of apps outside of the social VR ecosystem will be shared.

📚 In this module:

  • Module Introduction
  • Troubleshooting
  • Resources
  • Apps Outside of the Social VR Ecosystem
  • Conclusion



AIXR instructors are real-world professionals, with practical day-to-day experience in metaverse industries. The academy works with instructors and advisor members to verify and further develop content to ensure it’s employer ready.

Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Chief Executive Officer, The MetaMovie

Jason Moore was chosen specifically to develop and lead this course. Jason is a cross platform visual storyteller, and a VR Award winner for his work in creating the MetaMovie: Alien Rescue project.

Jason has made this course suitable to those working at beginner and intermediate skill levels within XR and the Metaverse, with the course suited to educators who wish to utilise the tools of immersive technology. 


Certified by leading professionals and organizations in your field, AIXR certificates are recognised by top metaverse employers. Advance your career and remain competitive in the job market by demonstrating your expertise and experience, giving potential employers confidence in your abilities.


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Intermediate courses are designed to be completed at a self guided pace over 3-5 days.

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You also get access to a wide range of, templates, mentors, networking tools and industry events related to the course materials.

Teaching in the Metaverse Course

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