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LIVR announce the launch of a new XR creation team, LIVR studios

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21 Feb 2022 | 2 min read

LIVR announce the launch of a new XR creation team, LIVR studios.

LIVR has launched a fully integrated XR production, delivery, and technology arm, LIVR Studios, to help open access to XR creation. LIVR Studios is able to handle every stage of the XR creation process from inception to end-user delivery and aims to open up the ways that the medium can be used to a much wider audience.

Having previously launched the world’s first VR platform dedicated to theatre and the performing arts; LIVR had developed a range of processes to create and deliver XR experiences and content. Over the last 18-months, there has been an increase in bespoke XR projects with partners which lead to the creation of LIVR Studios.

LIVR Studios will have offices in both London and Liverpool and is already working on projects internationally with a range of partners from entertainment, education and training, and gaming.

Why Create LIVR Studios?

Founder of LIVR, Leo Kellgren-Parker said – “When we set out to launch the initial LIVR consumer platform we found that a lot of the process and technology that we would need to deliver the original concept simply didn’t exist. We ended up having to build and develop a lot of hardware and software, and the accompanying workflows and methodology in house”.

Kellgren-Parker continued – “The idea behind LIVR Studios is that we can now share a lot of this hard-earned experience so others who have wonderful XR ideas can bring them to life much easier without necessarily having to worry about all the more technical challenges. LIVR Studios will handle all of that so they can focus purely on storytelling and expanding what can be done with the medium”.

LIVR Studio will also offer a range of training courses to help upskill people looking to expand into XR. The site,, will be live from Monday 24th January.

About LIVR

Launched in 2017, LIVR is a fully integrated XR platform. LIVR is unique as it controls every stage of the XR process; from capture and postproduction to systems and technical development, accelerating distribution.  LIVR opens connections enabling people to have extraordinary immersive experiences. To be somewhere and feel something they would not have been able to otherwise. LIVRs aim is to open access, and this is underpinned by the company’s proprietary technology. LIVR has expertise in content, systems and facilities and can connect hardware users with content creators efficiently and effectively.

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AIXR is an independent, community first, not for profit organisation that exists to support individuals and companies of all sizes as the International trade body for immersive technology industries. AIXR or, The Academy of International Extended Reality, hosts the VR Awards annually. AIXR’s mission is to support individuals and companies in the immersive industry by endorsing, inspiring, and enabling innovators through removing barriers to entry and connecting a diverse collection of trades together.