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AIXR Welcomes Pocket Gamer Connects as Community Partner 

Mafalda Barbosa

25 Mar 2024 | 2 min read

Strategic Alliance Set to Bolster Opportunities for Extended Reality and Gaming Professionals

London, March 25 2024 7pm CET

AIXR is delighted to unveil its collaboration with Pocket Gamer Connects once again, a premier conference in the gaming industry. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the member journey for both entities, tapping into shared advantages to nurture expansion and cooperation within the XR and gaming sectors.

Key Points:

  • AIXR announces Pocket Gamer Connects as its Official Community Partner.
  • Partnership includes mutual discounts, promotional opportunities, and enhanced networking platforms.
  • The collaboration aims to bridge the XR and gaming communities, fostering innovation and business opportunities.

This partnership represents a pivotal moment in uniting the extended reality world and the gaming sphere. By merging AIXR’s assets and community with Pocket Gamer Connects’ vast network and industry acumen, members of both groups can anticipate enriched networking prospects, deeper industry understanding, and increased potential for business expansion.

Under this fresh partnership, AIXR members will enjoy a 20% discount on Pocket Gamer Connects event tickets, dedicated speaking slots to encourage deeper industry involvement, reciprocal promotion via social media, newsletters, and website acknowledgments, as well as exclusive entry to networking platforms to cultivate invaluable industry connections.

“We are delighted to reignite the partnership between Pocket Gamer Connects and AIXR in our mission to further connect the global games industry together. The boundaries of game technology are being pushed more than ever before, and this partnership allows us to continue to explore the realms of what’s possible”., said Charlie Scowen, Events Content Coordinator for PGC.

“We are excited to partner with Pocket Gamer Connects, a company that mirrors our dedication to the advancement and connectivity of the tech community,” said Daniel Colaianni, Chief Executive of AIXR. “This partnership is more than a collaboration; it’s a bridge connecting the worlds of XR and gaming.”

Members, ticket holders and interested parties can learn more about the partnership benefits and get involved by visiting the AIXR and Pocket Game Connects websites.



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