Emerging Technology Investors Network

Creating funding opportunities and helping organisations find finance

Seeking investment is a full time job.

Just getting a meeting with a VC firm can be a huge challenge. More often than not, investors find themselves inundated with investment opportunities & unsolicited emails, and without warm introductions to the right investors, your grand idea will go unnoticed. We are dedicated to accelerating this process, so you can focus on what you do best.

What kind of investments do we connect together?

  • Angel
  • Pre-seed
  • Seed
  • Series A, B, C & D


Free download: Guide to XR Investment with VCs list

Our best tips and advice for seeking investment and finance as a virtual and augmented reality company. Bonus get access to a list of over 80 VCs in the sector.

Year round investor activities.

From our investor only lunches to dedicated online investor networking opportunities, we’re continuously building upon our network for VCs, Angels and funds both new to the VR/AR space and with substantial XR portfolios.

Our most popular invesment activities:

  • Invite only investor lunches
  • XR Investment workshops
  • Funding and Finance seminars


Just some of the investors we work with…

Investment Case Studies

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How to Get involved

Looking for funding

Each year we help hundreds of academy members in the XR space find their next funding rounds and investment opportunities, at no additional cost to membership.

Looking to invest

Make sure you’re in the know before you invest. Benefit from our premium investor only lunches, specialist insight on the XR industry and network of similar VC’s and funds in the space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How the network works

What is the investor matching process like?

The investor matching process is simple; as an Academy member, you will have an extensive onboarding process to share with us your ideal investor, then we can make warm introductions to our network depending on your specific needs. You will also be invited to AIXR member exclusive events to network with investors.

How does AIXR qualify potential investors?

Investors have been tapping into our industry knowledge since our foundation as an organisation. Throughout this time, we have built up a network of investors with a proven track record of enabling key innovators and are eager to continue to do so, expanding their XR portfolio.

Are there any fees to utilizing this network?

Our investors network and all surrounding opportunities are available at no extra cost to Academy members. If you are interested in utilizing the network, you can apply to become an Academy member here.

How quickly can AIXR help me?

All Academy members have an extensive and confidential onboarding process, where we can take note of your requirements. Within the next 3 months, you will work closely with investors, then we will catch up with you for an update and see if your requirements have changed.

What kind of companies benefit the most?

Any Academy member can benefit from the program. Our global network contains investors operating at all stages of investment and a variety of verticals, so whether your a healthcare startup or an enterprise solution looking to scale, we can get you closer to your goals.

How do I become an Academy Member?

You can apply to become an Academy member here. This will give you access to this initiative, as well as benefiting from world class industry knowledge, speaking opportunities, and more.