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SimplyVideo Delivers World First – A Video Conferencing Enabled Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) Drill for Ørsted

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08 Apr 2021 | 4 min read

Collaboration with exciting knowledge transfer solution RealWear enabled Ørsted to deliver a remote exercise, pivotal in the development of a scheme which will power one million UK households.

LEEDS, 29 MARCH 2021 – An exciting collaboration between US knowledge transfer platform solution RealWear and Yorkshire-based remote video conferencing startup SimplyVideo has resulted in the delivery of a world first Rehearsal Of Concept drill (ROC drill) for renewables industry leader Ørsted. The solution has been for their Hornsea Wind Farm project, an offshore wind farm that will be the largest in the world upon completion. A ROC drill is a dry rehearsal of an operational procedure which consults all stakeholders in order to ensure that shared understanding is achieved before carrying out the operation in full.

Why this is a significant milestone

In organisations as large as Ørsted, ROC drill procedures require stakeholders from all across the world to travel to a single location. Due to the ongoing pandemic restricting travel and necessitating social distancing, the traditional ROC drill method was no longer possible. Ørsted therefore sought a frictionless solution that would enable them to carry out the task virtually and with full consultation of their operational team.

Using RealWear’s HMT-1 headset, the SimplyVideo team was able to connect Ørsted’s existing company wide Cloud Video Interop (CVI) system with RealWear’s wearable device.

The project has enabled Ørsted to proceed with the development of the Hornsea Project without further delay. Once completed, it will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm – powering up to one million households across the UK. This is a significant step towards the UK ensuring that electricity generation is virtually carbon-neutral in all pathways from 2035.

Furthermore, SimplyVideo has enabled Hornsea’s team to collaborate with a low carbon solution, as no global travel was necessary to carry out the remote ROC drill. With an offshore environment having limited bandwidth compared to populated areas on land, SimplyVideo’s low-bandwidth capabilities were also incredibly useful.

SimplyVideo video conferencing solution for Orsted

What does SimplyVideo do?

We present brand new possibilities of video calling. It is the world’s first video conferencing platform built with smart devices in mind. In doing so, SimplyVideo bridges the gap between wearable devices and the likes of Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom, which broadens the scope of the video calling.

Here are a few benefits:

1. Bringing workforces together.

Companies across the globe struggle to scale workforces efficiently. Staff flitting around the world deepens that carbon footprint. On top of that, the cost of travel doesn’t do a business any favours either. SimplyVideo provides a platform that joins worlds in allowing comprehensive remote participation. We’re well aware that there are platforms out there that already allow video calling. But for those using wearables, VC systems, and industry-specific peripherals, they won’t do the trick – they need something else, something better.

2. Reducing downtime.

Unplanned downtime costs billions. Should a system in a business fail, an expert may need to physically be on site. This could pose issues if it’s a harsh work environment or said expert is unable to attend for whatever reason. A global pandemic may mean they can’t travel, for instance.

It’s awesome that we’ve secured a government innovation grant in that it frees us up to develop things more efficiently and at a faster rate. On top of that though, it also validates the concept of what we’re doing. Of course, we’re confident in what the platform can offer. Still, being at the forefront of innovation means we’re exploring uncharted territory. It’s reassuring to know that the UK government shares our confidence in the concept.

3. It’s green!

SimplyVideo reduces carbon emissions and helps people fix their problems faster. Simply put, no travel means no CO2 and no waiting!

The world’s businesses have finally discovered that video chats are pretty much as good as meeting face-to-face. But, they’ve also discovered that there are still limitations. In broadening the platform with wearables integration, SimplyVideo smashes through those roadblocks. We provide an immersive experience that helps both the environment and the economy. Proud to do our bit for the environment

George Sims, our CSO, is a card-carrying vegan and staunch environmentalist. George is incredibly proud of the platform we’ve produced. He’s also the driving force behind our green initiative and sustainability program. This was a welcome tonic for our team, to be able to engage and contribute with a major project shortly after being awarded a grant via Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund.

He said:
“It’s fantastic to see the technology we are building used for such amazing outcomes. Ørsted are using SimplyVideo and RealWear, Inc. to maximise collaborative efforts on the Hornsea Wind Farm, the world’s largest offshore wind farm, powering over 1 millions homes. I’m incredibly proud to see our solution having a positive impact on such an important UK infrastructure project.”
George Sims, CSO – SimplyVideo

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