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Investing Millions, How to Raise Money and the Power of VR – Field of View with Tipatat Chennavasin

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12 May 2021 | 1 min read

This episode will feature Tipatat Chennavasin, a General Partner of the Venture Reality Fund investing in early stage VR, AR, AI and 5G companies. He has experience creating VR/AR content and became convinced of the power of VR when he accidentally cured himself of his real life fear of heights while developing in VR. Also, he’s an adviser for many VR and AR companies as well as a mentor for VR and AR incubators and accelerators around the world. The Venture Reality Fund has looked at over 5,000 startups in the space and invested in 40, including Beat Games, acquired by Facebook, and Rec Room, the first VR software Unicorn. Learn more about what it means to be a creative in the VC world.


Listen on Apple and Google Podcasts. What is Field of View? The world of immersive technology is always in a constant state of flux, continuously advancing with the rule book being written by the second. We’ve teamed up with Accenture XR to explore this wonderful world, with specialists from across the world providing their insight and view on where we are heading next.

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