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Immersive hardware is a significant investment. Getting things right from the beginning can save both time and money. But, to do so, you need to be armed with the right data and information. We work directly with AIXR members and industry titans to support the deployment of specialist equipment and environments that meet academy standards.

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Case Study: Immersive Lab

The First Immersive Lab in Saudi Arabia 2021

AIXR exlusivly gets involved with social impoact and country wide initiativesdesigned to further immersive technology – When Ithra approached us to design and support their deployment of a brand new, state of the art XR facility to enable a new generation of creatives, we jumped at the chance to help.

Call for Change
With massive potential growth predicted for the immersive sector, Ithra wanted to create a space to excite and inspire Saudi Arabia’s creatives to develop commercially viable immersive content and applications.

The Lab had to provide an ideal space to support professional skills development and to test and demonstrate immersive experiences to prospective clients. As part of Ithra’s commitment to co-creation and open innovation, the Lab also had to act as a tool to connect larger corporations with talented innovators to network and find shared solutions.

“At AIXR, we continue to grow internally alongside our global expansion. It has been an exciting journey since we embarked on a partnership with Ithra in Saudi Arabia. The Immersive Lab was first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, a space for creatives to get inspired, create, and work together. But the Immersive Lab is only one part of the project. We will also be delivering a series of masterclasses for selected innovators to help them grow and drive the creative ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.” – Daniel Colaianni, CEO of AIXR.

Where Immersive Tech Meets Human Creativity
Drawing on AIXR’s expertise in the immersive space, our team set out to showcase the very latest hardware and its capabilities.

But we also had to bear in mind that the Lab was to be a multi-functional space that must also be able to run workshops and other engagement events. Each would have a set of diverse requirements, covering all aspects of XR, from hardware selection to product development and audio design. That’s why our team decided to divide the Immersive Lab into four core areas:

  • The Augmented Reality (AR) zone, that houses AR glasses, lenses, and other gadgets for workshops’ participants to try out.
  • The Virtual Reality (VR) zone, that’s split into three hubs showcasing the latest advancements in hardware.
  • Mixed Reality (MR) & Haptics zone, features a large green screen space and a headsets to allow for more hands on experiences.
  • A central Workshop and spatical audio zone, designed to be easily rearranged to accommodate changing needs.

At AIXR we’re fortunate to have some of the biggest names in the XR as our Members and they’re always open to collaboration on exciting projects.

Working with our Members, we were able to analyse, determine, and secure the best hardware suited for the Lab based on their use cases, costs, and integration. In some instances, we were the first organisation to introduce the technology to the region.

We worked together with Ithra to establish an installation plan that enabled us to ensure that the hardware and software were pre-configured before arriving in Saudi Arabia and that all the technical requirements were met before the installation took place.

Once we’d covered the tech side, we then set about optimising the experience for the user. AIXR are leaders in hygiene and safety in the immersive sector and with the Lab being introduced amidst a global pandemic we worked in partnership with Cleanbox Technology to equip the Lab with the CX2, a premium and eco-friendly smart hygiene solution, and complete hygiene management plan for the space.

What’s Next?

AIXR continues to provide ongoing support for the Lab. We wanted to ensure that any potential issues can be resolved right away. That’s why we’ve trained onsite specialists, and have remote access support to all the equipment.

Ensuring the Lab is future-proof is one of our highest priorities. To keep the Lab at the cutting edge, we’ve developed an upgrade planning guide in which we commit to inspecting, overseeing, and delivering upgrades to the hardware, software, and user guidelines.

We’re committed to connecting people, projects, and knowledge to help the immersive sector grow.

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