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We work with governments, large corporations, and NGOs, to design bespoke training programmes that help foster an understanding of XR, upskill workforces, and further our mission of wider industry awareness.

To deliver our training programmes AIXR partner with our industry-leading members who have been accredited through the Academy’s ASP (Approved Service Provider) Trainer Programme.

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Bespoke solutions for full-scale XR implementation.

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Up to date industry knowledge and long-term backing.

ASP Trainer Network

Leverage Partner Training Networks & AIXR’s members base

End to End Deployment

From design to programme implementation.

Case Study: Masterclass Series

Curating a Masterclass Series to Help Innovators Develop XR Solutions  2021

AIXR designed and coordinated a series of masterclasses to guide multidisciplinary professionals through the process of developing viable XR solutions. 

Fostering Innovation

As part of their Creative Solutions programme The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture were looking to run a series of masterclasses to guide a group of selected professionals through an idea-to-prototype journey for an immersive solution they had created. The challenging aspect of this process was that each participant had varying levels of experience with immersive technology.

At the end of the masterclass series the participants had to pitch their ideas, with five projects ultimately being selected to continue to the development stage. Therefore, it was essential that they were up to speed with the technology before then.

To help the participants along their journey AIXR were brought in from the beginning of the project to help design what form the masterclass series would take. Leveraging our access to leaders in the immersive space, we were able to coordinate a series of masterclasses that encompassed all aspects of the creative pipeline.

As part of this process we were also responsible for delivering a two-day workshop on capturing the world for Augmented Reality (AR). This workshop acted as an introduction to 3D capture with a strong focus on how startups and larger companies can use AR to solve increasingly large and complex real-world problems.

To bring these opportunities to life, we also showcased the latest 3D applications and provided the workshop attendees with hands-on training in how to take advantage of the new software. As an open, interactive workshop, attendees were also able to discuss their unique requirements with our trainers to help:

  • Develop commercially viable solutions
  • Hone their value proposition
  • Refine and practice their business pitch

At AIXR we have a range of workshops that include unparalleled access to experts within the immersive sector, support from academia, business development support, exposure to new market opportunities and hands-on learning opportunities with the latest technologies.

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An Industry-Leading Network of Members 

We’re proud to partner with some of the most innovative and skilled organisations in the industry. Ranging from full-time studios to academic institutions, those on the Academy’sProgramme have gone through an accreditation process to ensure they meet Academy and industry standards.


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