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Miru Studio Share Launch Details for Finger Gun VR

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30 Jun 2022 | 2 min read

Finger Gun, the debut hand-tracking showcase title from Miru Studio, launches for Meta Quest 2 on App Lab starting June 30, 2022, for $14.99, yeehaw!

Reexperience VR amazement, relive childhood fantasy.

Finger Gun is the debut hand tracking showcase title from pioneers in problem-solving, Miru Studio. Purpose-built from the ground up for hand-tracking, this first-person wave shooter is a complete gaming experience meant to streamline players into awe-inspiring hands-on gameplay while simultaneously showcasing the enormous potential and flexibility of VR. Whether you’re new to the headset, or an early adopter, Finger Gun fits in your library of titles for further exploring, understanding, and sharing the medium.

Test Subj… er uh, Testers Needed!

VR bounty hunters and innovation testers needed! Try new technology and take out the doc! Those afraid of innovation need not apply or even try. Think you have what it takes? Start by putting your hands in the shape of guns, just like the good ol’ days. Then, you’re gonna wanna go pew pew pew to become the baddest bounty hunter the west has ever tangled with, no Touch Controllers required!

Immerse yourself in childhood fantasy as you shoot, grapple, and improvise to survive an onslaught of dangerous robots. Succeed on your search to capture Doc Holliday’s bounty, or die trying over and over and over again.

Use the grappling hook and your reflexes to take out enemies and claim their powerful modules to morph your weapons; plus, a robust upgrade experience ensures you and your posse will have a unique journey every time you try.

About Miru Studio

Founded in 2020 with the explicit purpose of exploring the possibilities offered by virtual reality, Miru Studio seeks to revolutionize the way people interact with technology and enjoy video games. Our team is excited to develop experimental features with a passion that is unwavering in the face of unsolved problems. Our mission is to create unique experiences accompanied by innovative interactions that will delight and awe VR veterans and newcomers alike.

For more information on Miru Studio or Finger Gun contact Manex Darceles, Founder & CEO at [email protected] and Eneko Barandiaran, Founder & COO at [email protected]

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Join a growing posse on the official Finger Gun Discord server to stay up-to-the-minute on everything Miru Studio are working on and to chat with the team.

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