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DigitalNauts Launch V.1 of the New XR Ecosystem HoloHub™️

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27 Jun 2022 | 3 min read

In June 2021, trusted by an Innovate UK continuity funding to further develop the platform, Digitalnauts announced a public beta launch of their XR platform HoloHub and hinted at an update with even more features and integrations in the upcoming months.

A year after this first announcement, the XR company is ready to reveal the official Holohub™️ v.1. In a first ever online public demo on June 29th 2022, Digitalnauts will be showcasing the platform and answering questions live during the online event.  

What is Holohub™️?

HoloHub™️ eliminates the challenges of XR adoption, from the difficulty to scale out XR projects to content updates and hardware maintenance. In its core features, HoloHub™️ allows organisations to manage content, users and headsets, generate analytics and integrate familiar business tools to make better informed business decisions and integrate immersive technology within their organisation similarly to any other strategic business development tool.

Digitalnauts’ Co-Founder and CTO Mark Baxter states –  “The XR ecosystem is still so fragmented that it’s a minefield for companies, having a content creation process and a device manager are just small pieces of a much larger puzzle. For the past 5 years now we have been working with world leading organisations, hardware manufacturers, universities and XR development studios to help us solve this problem.”

What are the advantages to using HoloHub™️?

XR adoption and integration within a company is sometimes a challenge — software and hardware become an obstacle, especially for fast, secure and at-scale deployment. The more headsets or content you have, the more your organisation might be overwhelmed by them. HoloHub™️ overcomes many of these challenges, and more that organisations might not have realised yet.

HoloHub™ is the first truly open XR ecosystem, built with users and administrators in mind, with simple and easy UI and UX, HoloHub ™️ offers:

  • Democratised access – instant sign up and free use of core distribution features forever, at no further costs.
  • No walled garden – businesses and creatives’ content are independent from HoloHub™, users will never be locked into a single vendor.
  • Cross-platform support – all leading devices across AR, MR and VR, both mobile and desktop.
  • Content agnostic – all types of XR content can be uploaded and distributed from any source.
  • Flexible integrations – choose preferred integrations and opt-in features for security, analytics, collaboration and more.
  • User and app management – control users and allow actions, create groups and manage administration rights
  • Device management – monitor your hardware and deliver your apps remotely



“I am really excited today to announce the launch of HoloHub™️ 1.0, the very first step in enabling truly open, unrestricted control of your XR assets long into the future. HoloHub as an ecosystem of tools and services that can be managed from a central location. We’re launching our core toolset, completely free, focusing on the management of users, content and devices.” – said Mark Baxter.

Baxter continued, stating – “We also have a long roadmap ahead of us with our SDK opening to the public at the end of the year which will allow developers to effortlessly implement HoloHub™️ features directly into their content so they can gain from additional security, profile and avatars and multiplayer networking.”

Find Digitalnauts on all social media platforms and on their website For direct enquiries, please get in touch at [email protected].

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