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New Academy XR Hygiene Framework Measures being introduced from 05 May 2020

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15 Apr 2020 | 1 min read

15 April 2020 – XR Covid-19 Impact update

Standardizing hygiene requirements and providing clear guidance for XR companies

After seeking guidance from the AIXR XR Steering board, The Academy of International Extended Reality has announced sweeping plans aimed at keeping XR users safe, and giving primarily LBE and enterprise deployments the best possible opportunity at seeing through the recent unforeseen COVID-19 challenges.

Ahead of releasing the Academy’s new COVID-19 XR Support Hub, the framework will have a phased implementation between 05 May 2020 – 05 July 2020 and focuses on three main elements:

Hygiene industry requirements and certification for LBE Installations and enterprise deployments

  • AIXR is publishing clear hygiene requirements that will be an industry standard that all LBE organisations and Enterprise delployers should follow
  • Online hygiene training materials for operators and demo staff
  • Organisations will be able to receive official accreditation for meeting the industry standards
  • Academy members will be required to meet minimum requirements for membership

Health and safety risk register for all XR deployments

  • A repeatable risk register template that can be used when deploying VR in a variety of situations

Hygiene informational leaflet and poster templates

  • A downloadable template package which can be placed and distributed in deployment locations, highlighting the measures that are being taken to ensure a users safety

In the run up to the phased implementation of the framework, the Academy will be working closely with it’s board, partners, and members to build out our process. The Academy is also encouraging those looking for immediate support to make use of their recently published COVID-19 Impact Guide or Crisis Support phone line specifically for companies and freelancers than may be struggling.

This page will be updated to reflect further information as and when it is released. 


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