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Access over 200+ valuable resources to keep you on the cutting edge

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Access over 200+ valuable resources to keep you on the cutting edge

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AIXR micro-courses are designed to fit your busy schedule, yet provide deep insights into AI & XR. Improve your proficiency, impress your clients with your up-to-date knowledge, and deliver better results in your projects.


200+ AI & XR Resources to Stay Ahead.

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AIXR’s extensive resource library is your toolkit to educate your clients. Share curated resources, help them understand AI & XR better, and build stronger, more informed relationships.

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Latest Micro Courses.

Select from an industry wide selection of micro-courses

Access micro-courses for all levels of experience within Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality. (XR)

Introduction to Virtual Reality

Start your journey into VR. Break down the jargon, dispel the myths and be introduced to the best tools and resources in the industry.

Intellectual property for AI & XR

Become familiar with the concept of intellectual property protection in the metaverse, an understudied legal area of our immersive future.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Demystify AI concepts and applications, feel comfortable discussing AI without being overwhelmed by technical jargon.

Teaching in the Metaverse

Create engaging, dynamic, and immersive educational experiences taught remotely using virtual reality headsets and social vr platforms.

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