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Our members receive priority and free access to join panels at leading global events focused on advancements and experiences in XR.

If you would like to join a panel below or work with us on a panel at your event, please email the partnerships team through [email protected] to be considered.

Insights Live Panels

AIXR’s Insights Live Panels are designed to provide immense value to events internationally and their attendees by introducing and encouraging informative and educational discussions.

Insights Live gives audiences, consisting of members of the public from both inside and outside the XR industry, the opportunity to learn more about the exciting emerging immersive technology sector in an interactive and dynamic setting. Our panels provide insight from industry-leading creatives into XR that you won’t find anywhere else. Insights Live panels are held at leading events around the world and feature influential members of the XR industry discussing the pressing issues facing the augmented and virtual reality industries.

From a wide network of AIXR members, which range from creative directors to C-suite executives, we will reach out to ensure the best individuals/companies are on a panel and work with the event every step of the way to deliver an unforgettable panel with great speakers and thought-provoking discussions.

Past Panels

EGX 2019

Exploring Entertainment in Augmented Reality

Thursday 17 October

2pm – 3pm BST

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VRX 2019

Location-Based Entertainment Seminar

San Francisco

Friday 13 December

8.30am – 10.30am PT

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PAX West 2019

What VR Devs Learned From Their First VR Games

30 August – 2 September


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Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality Conference 2020

What It’s Like to be a Start-Up in 2020

San Francisco

Tuesday 4 February

11am – 12pm PT

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Createch 2019

Immersive Entertainment

Tuesday 11 June 2019

4:30pm BST

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XRDC 2019

Replicating Reality in the Virtual World to Improve the Physical World

14-15 October


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MCM London 2019

Storytelling in VR: Creating an Immersive Narrative

24 – 27 October


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The Digital Healthcare Show 2019

How XR is Revolutionising Healthcare

Wednesday 26 June 2019

12:45pm BST

Discounts available

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VR Days Europe 2019

Creating Impact with XR Campaigns

Thursday 14 November 2019

5:00pm – 6:30pm CEST

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PAX East 2019

What VR Devs Learned From Their First VR Games

Saturday 30 March 2019

10:30am EST

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Want to feature an AIXR Insights Live panel at your event?

Insights Live panels are provided on a pro-bono partnership basis. We are very selective with partners on event panels because we are entirely comitted to providing the best possible experience for our partners.

If you would like your event to be considered for a panel, please email [email protected]. We currently accept all events globally, whether it is primarily XR-related or outside of immersive tech. 


Events with AIXR panels will have frequent social media pushes for panelists and their companies. Personal outreaches from the team, and also feature in our monthly newsletters exclusive to AIXR members.



Panel members will have the opportunity to share their personal career experience and knowledge to different platforms worldwide. Event organisers can then share this knowledge, with credit to the speaker, through their own marketing.


Both event organisers and panel members will be able to tap into previously unknown territories with new audiences and participants, expanding awareness of XR and their own individual work, as well as new events around the world.

Want to be on an AIXR Insights Live panel?

AIXR members receive priority for joining all panels as marketing benefits are included in their membership.

Members also have the opportunity to suggest panel topics, as well as events to which they would like to have discounted tickets and have panels featured.

If you would like to be considered first for a panel opportunity at one of the many events we partner with worldwide, get started and become a member.

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