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Insights Live Highlights: Where is XR Heading to Next Part 2

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Aaron Pulkka | Program Director | Amber Labs

06 May 2022 | 1 min read

The second in our two-part Insights Live series on the future of XR featured guests Tyler Gates from Brightline Interactive, Mark Rickard from Virtuality, and Jocelyn Scheirer from ImmerSphere. The panel was led and moderated by Aaron Pulkka from Amber Labs.

The discussion developed on themes from part one. Which included hardware developments, the groundswell behind the metaverse, and the importance of breaking down divisions between Web3 communities.

In addition, our panellists also focused on new topics, such as WebXR and 5G. Check out what they had to say in the highlights below.

The Key Highlights

What future XR hardware developments are you most excited about?



  • VR headsets will continue to improve but AR glasses will revolutionize the space.
  • But AR glasses will have to become lighter and more powerful to enable mass-market adoption.
  • The practical integration of eye tracking in VR headsets. This will enhance immersion and user experience as a result. 
  • Networks developing alongside the hardware. 5G and cloud computing will reduce demands on GPUs and CPUs. This will enable XR hardware to fulfil its true potential. 


What software platforms have the most promise in the next two years?



  • Unreal Engine 5 will enable developers to add high-level environments and characters to existing frameworks.
  • Platforms that blur the boundaries between consumers and creators. 
  • Looking to see large creation engines continue to move toward the user. As well as including on-chain processes that protect creator content. 
  • Platforms that are interoperable and distributed. 


How do NFTs and the blockchain advance XR? Is it necessary for the metaverse?



  • The blockchain enables digital artists to assert asset ownership and leverage 3D content to monetize their content. 
  • NFTs are an undeniable movement and attract investment for XR. Crossovers between the communities should therefore be encouraged. 
  • Enterprises are using the blockchain and will continue to do so. 
  • Digital collections and NFTs are two separate things that work well together. The NFT structure can be applied to an infinite number of things. That is why it is so powerful for metaverse-like concepts. 


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About the author:

Aaron Pulkka is an interactive entertainment creative executive with over 25 years of experience with emerging tech, including engineering, design, and production roles at Walt Disney Imagineering, Sony, Activision, Two Bit Circus, and Madison Square Garden Entertainment. Currently, he serves as the Chair of the AIXR LBE Advisory Group and Program Director at Amber Labs.