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iLLOGIKA and PDXCON’s Immersive Digital Experience

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29 Oct 2021 | 2 min read

Paradox Interactive presented the 2021 PDXCON REMIXED gaming convention as an online event, immersing both presenters and attendees into the amazing worlds of the Paradox Universe.

Through iLLOGIKA’s expertise in both real-time development and gamification, we were chosen by Alice & Smith to collaborate in the creative engineering and integration of the truly innovative and immersive digital experience.

The year’s new announcements and interactive panels took place with live presenters interacting with attendees within Paradox Interactive’s beloved game environments such as Victoria 3, Cities Skylines, and Crusader Kings III.

We were overjoyed with the opportunity to re-create key scenes from the fantastic worlds of our favorite Paradox games. The high-definition quality of the streaming event allowed us to deliver incredible atmospheric details within each environment through which the real and virtual cameras followed all the live presenters on the stages of Virtual Star Studios in Stockholm.

“It was a real challenge to conceptualize and integrate over 20 virtual environments into the physical studio at Stockholm while respecting the Paradox Games universe. It was a great collaboration with all of our teams at each location through the direction of Alice & Smith. The combined effect of visual art and cutting-edge technologies was a total success!”, said René Oculi, Lead Artist for iLLOGIKA.



iLLOGIKA’s creative and technical expertise remained an integral part of each feature of the virtual production. Joé Bissonnette, Technical Director of iLLOGIKA’s Immersive Division employed AXIMMETRY – a recipient of 2020’s million-dollar Epic MegaGrant – through Alice & Smith’s proprietary technology to immerse the event’s live presenters into a fluid real-time 3D environment.

This combined technology within Unreal Engine allowed our team to design and develop the synchronous triggers that the event’s directors used to simultaneously cue the streaming mixed reality content with live participant data from Twitch and PlayFab.

“PDXCON’s Tech Stack pushes the envelope for viewer participation in live streaming broadcasts and brings a new wave of interactivity to virtual events,” Joé said. 



“Live presenters within virtual worlds can now engage with their streaming audience through an inventory of visually dynamic scenes driven by real-time data with very low latency. We imagine even more immersive and interactive environments for future large-scale events with VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest. This is mind-bending interactivity!”

Marina Roi-Sans-Sac, Head of iLLOGIKA’s Immersive Division adds, “iLLOGIKA is devoted to mastering the Creative Technology that pushes the boundaries of the Metaverse. We are prepared to deliver story-based solutions for any immersive event, whether it be Online Streaming, a TV Broadcast Production, an LED-Wall-based Studio, or any other Virtual Stage imaginable!”

About the author:

Based in Montreal and passionate about the worlds we create, iLLOGIKA gathers a team who is always willing to experiment, innovate and explore. We aim to become world-renowned for our creativity and expertise in the development of interactive experiences, and we are building a human-driven, collaborative and autonomous culture along the way.

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