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How to enable developer mode on Oculus Quest 2

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10 Oct 2022 | 4 min read

If you’re a Quest 2 owner, developer (or just looking to sideload apps!), you might be wondering how to enable developer mode on the Oculus Quest 2.

In this fact sheet we’ve provided a quick guide on what you need to do.

Risks: When not to turn on developer mode on quest 2:

Enabling developer mode allows you to sideload applications and use them on your Quest 2. This is great for testing out apps that are still in development, or for using apps that will eventually come onto the market. It’s also necessary if you want to develop your own apps for the Quest 2.

However, it could also open you up to risks of untested apps that could prevent your headset from working correctly, so make sure you feel comfortable with the processes involved before proceeding.

A quick note before we continue. Oculus has changed the name of their devices to Meta, much documentation and applications are still referred to as Oculus. (You can expect to see this updated over time).

How do you enable developer mode? 

The first thing you need to do is register as a developer on the Oculus website. Once you’ve done that, you can enable developer mode from the Oculus app on your phone. Just go to Settings, then Devices, and select your Quest 2. Under the device settings, you’ll see an option to enable developer mode.

Turning on developer mode on Oculus quest 2 does not void your device’s warranty.

Registering as a developer with Meta

  1. Go to the Oculus developer website and log in to your existing meta account. (You created this account when you first set up your headset.)

    Log in screen for developer hub
  2. From the developer dashboard you must verify your account by adding a credit card or setting up two-factor authentication.

    Verify your developer account
    1. Using as card: Enter a card registered to your name. Oculus will not charge you for anything..
    2. Using TFA: Enter a phone number and type in the code it sends you (Using an authenticator app does not verify your identity)
  3. Once verified, if you don’t have an organization that you already need to join (i.e you work or a studio that has invited you to their account), you should now go back to the link in step 1 to “Create a New Organization” 
  4. Enter a name for the developer account, make sure it is unique, accept the terms and conditions and click submit

    How to enable developer mode on Oculus Quest 2 - Create Company
  5. Agree to the Non disclosure agreement and click submit

    How to enable developer mode on Oculus Quest 2 - NDA
  6. Congratulations you now have a developer account!

Turn on developer mode on Oculus Quest 2 headset

  1. Now your developer account is verified, Turn on your headset and place it next to you
  2. From your phone or tablet, go to the Oculus Quest application and ensure you are signed in with the same account you just verified.
  3. From the app go to “Menu” then click the “Devices” icon

    How to enable developer mode on Oculus Quest 2 - Select Devices
  4. Providing the headset is switched on and connected to the same wifi as your mobile device, your headset should show here

    How to enable developer mode on Oculus Quest 2 - Select Dev mode
  5. From this screen select “Developer Mode” and then toggle the developer mode option to on.

    How to enable developer mode on Oculus Quest 2 - Toggle mode on
  6. Congratulations, developer mode is now switched enabled!

Allowing connections to your computer

  1. Using the USB cable that came with your headset, connect it to your computer
  2. When you put the headset on, select “Allow USB debugging”
  3. If you will be creating applications from a windows device, you need to install the Oculus ABD Drivers (Windows Only)
    1. Download the provided zip file, and unzip the file
    2. Right click on the .inf file and select “Install”
  4. Now you can directly push builds from your computer to your headset.

What to do next

You can now load unofficial applications to your device, most consumers start by installing Side Quest from their computer, installing custom music and maps for games like beatsaber or changing recording resolutions for in game capture.

If you are a developer however you can now jump straight into a game engine like Unity and build / demo apps directly from your headset. You can start today!

AIXR has a whole range of community insights, groups and more to support you in a journey to becoming an XR developer. Try joining our community to find out more.

Common Troubleshooting

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and you may need to try things again in a different way. Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions below:

I can’t see the quest 2 headset from the app

  1. Check that both the headset and the mobile device are connected to the same wireless network. If they are on different networks you may not see the device
  2. Ensure that the headset is signed into the same account that is signed into the Oculus applications on the mobile device.
  3. Try turning off the headset or installing any required updates before starting again.

Enabling developer mode from your quest 2 headset directly

  1. If you can’t use the application for any reason, you can instead turn on developer mode directly from within your headset.
  2. Ensure you have successfully verified your developer account before jumping into the headset
  3. From within the headset navigate to Settings > System > Developer, and then turn on the USB Connection Dialog option.

There is no option for developer mode

  1. This usually happens if you have not properly verified or created your developer account. Make sure to double check this before you complete it.
  2. If you still can’t see it from the mobile app, try turning of the headset and turning it back on again before attempting to enable developer mode from your headset directly (see previous FAQ)

If you’re looking to get the most out of your headset, enabling developer mode on your Oculus Quest 2 is a good way to do it. Just be aware that doing so can create security risks and could potentially cause problems with your Quest if you’re not careful.

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