XRDC: Insights Live Panel 2019

by The Academy of International Extended Reality & XRDC


Replicating Reality in the Virtual World to Improve the Physical World

Join us live at XRDC in San Francisco, CA for our healthcare-focused panel, where we will be looking at how combining XR and healthcare has positively impacted the industry and the limitless possibilities this has allowed.


Joanna Popper, HP [Global Head of Virtual Reality in LBE]

Confirmed Panelists

Bob Dyce, Elara Systems [Co-Founder and Creative Director]

Amy Hendrick, Cleanbox Technology [CEO]

Justin Barad, Osso VR [CEO]

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Date and time

3pm – 3.40pm PT

Tuesday 15 October


Fort Mason Festival Pavilion,

2 Marina Blvd,

San Francisco,

CA 94123

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