Insights Live Webinar: Is XR the Answer to Soft Skills Training?

by The Academy of International Extended Reality


Soft skills are invaluable in the workplace and are often hard to teach practically. Could XR be the answer?

Join us live for our second of the AIXR webinar 12-part series, where industry leaders will be discussing the potentials for application in employee training in soft skills such as time management, adaptability, interpersonal skills and problem-solving.


Amy Peck, HTC Vive

Confirmed Panelists

Nicola Rosa, Accenture

Sam Watts, Make Real

James Watson, Immerse

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This live webinar is open to all, however only AIXR members will have access to past recordings. 

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Date and time

Tues, 28 January 2020, Time 7 PM GMT / 11 AM PT


Zoom Webinar

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