Createch 2019: Immersive Entertainment Insights Live Session

by The Academy of International Extended Reality & Createch


Led by AIXR CEO, Daniel Colaianni, the Immersive Entertainment session involves an esteemed panel of VR and AR pioneers, delving into key insights and experiences in the industry.

Join us live at Createch 2019, as part of London Tech Week, for our Insights Live “break-out” session on immersive entertainment, where we will be looking at the key elements of creating a memorable and exciting immersive experience for entertainment purposes.

Immersive Entertainment: If we knew what we know today

Virtual and augmented reality technology is constantly evolving, new rules are being written everyday and the advancements build one upon another. With this in mind the immersive landscape is very different from where it was just a few years ago.

In this panel we enter a metaphorical time machine and speak with specialists from across the immersive entertainment industry to talk about what they would tell themselves if they had the chance to go back, knowing what they know today.

Learn from their past mistakes, the differences between “then” and “now”, what surprised them the most, and how it has impacted the very experiences they are creating day to day.


Daniel Colaianni, AIXR [CEO, Founder]

Confirmed Panelists

Mary Matheson, Macondo Films [Co-Founder]

Andy Hood, AKQA [Head of Emerging Technologies]

Sarah Steed, Norwich University of the Arts [Director of Innovation and Engagement]

Tom Burton, BBC Studios [Head of Interactive]

How to see this panel:

This panel is hosted in partnership with Createch as part of their break out sessions, which means you’ll need tickets to access their talks. These tickets will be sold separately and individually from AIXR which means we do not have any control over their availability or pricing. In some cases AIXR members may be applicable for discounted tickets with event partners.

Please note: while the Immersive Entertainment session is one hour long, tickets for Createch include the full day of itinerary, beginning with a Createch showcase at 8.45am BST.

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Official Partner Event:

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Date and time

Tues, 11 June 2019, 4.30pm – 5.30pm



10 South Place



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