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Closing the skills gap and connecting world-class talent with top technology companies 

Making Strides Toward Closing the XR Skills Gap


The Talent Advisory Panel is made up of a number of the world’s most prestigous higher education institutions to critically examine educational needs within the XR industry and share knowledge between organisations on creating best practices for their students. This feeds into our talent program and allows us to continue expand our global network.

The skills gap is a prominent barrier to entry within the XR industry, top talent is scarce and expensive, and this is detrimental to the growth of XR startups who struggle to attract university graduates who are well-versed in developing XR applications. 

The Talent Advisory Panel exists to re-address the balance between the scarcity of talent and the challenges smaller XR companies face in recruiting. Through our network of universities, the panel aims to work to dramatically increase the number of students who are well qualifed to create XR content. In making the talent pool larger, XR companies will benefit from talent becoming more widely accessible and affordable. 

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