Our Advisory Panels

Advisory Panels across XR that seek to inspire, motivate, and galvanize the immersive industries. 

Our Goals


In line with our mission of empowering creatives, promoting innovative and experimental projects and fostering growth in the immersive industries, our set of Steering Panels and Advisory Panels are the next step in our efforts to critically examine the biggest issues in the XR industry and work with industry-leading experts to find solutions.

The VR Steering Panel is made up from a number of experts from various areas of immersive technology, with the aim of crowdsourcing best practices and research papers. With this panel and our future advisory panels, we hope to have a meaningful impact on the future of XR with the aid of leading voices from within the immersive industries. 


Our Member Driven Panels

VR Steering Panel

Made up of a broad spectrum of companies, both big and small, from different areas of the virtual reality industry. This panel’s core focus is on bettering the VR industry and tackling arising challenges.

This panel is invitation-only.

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XR Talent Advisory Panel

This advisory panel will be made up of mostly higher education institutions to look at educational needs within the XR industry and share knowledge between organisations on creating the best practices for their students.

Open to all AIXR Members


Governmental Oversight Advisory Panel

The Government Oversight Advisory Panel is your voice against government regulation. The panel will guide and influence discussions between policy-makers so that when regulations are introduced, they are fair and reasonable, without adversely affecting companies working in immersive technology.  

Open to all AIXR Members


XR LBE Advisory Panel

This panel will consist of members of the XR industry in the location-based entertainment/out of home sector. Both SMEs working in the LBE space and larger sector-leading businesses will be represented on the panel. We will take a comprehensive approach to identifying challenges across the spectrum of the LBE sector.

Open to all AIXR Members


AR Steering Panel

Being introduced after the VR Steering panel, this AR led group has a similar remit but is instead comprised of individuals who contribute greatly to the augmented reality industry.

This panel is invitation-only.

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XR Healthcare Advisory Panel

The XR Healthcare Advisory Panel has two core goals, with the help of reports and best practises the panel will educate the public on the uses of immersive technology for the healthcare sector and find solutions to the issues that are hampering the sector’s growth.

Open to all AIXR Members – Panel Full.


XR Enterprise Advisory Panel

This panel will be made up of members of the XR industry in the enterprise sector. The panel will generate additional attention to the uses of AR and VR for enterprise amongst the public. This ties into a wider goal that stretches across all of our panels: creating a culture shift to improve the image of immersive technology as a whole.

Open to all AIXR Members

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XR Entertainment Advisory Panel

This panel will cover the areas of XR games, experiences and films. The panel will look to find ways to empower creatives working in immersive entertainment, aiming to overcome barriers to entry into the sector with the help and guidance of industry-leading figures.

Open to all AIXR Members


The Mission


The goal of seeing the XR industry grow and enabling and empowering creatives is at the heart of all of our Advisory Panels. Our panels will work to tear down barriers to entry and ultimately solve the biggest challenges facing XR. 


In order to find solutions to challenges that threaten to hamper the XR industry, we have selected industry-leading experts from numerous sectors within XR to make up our advisory panels. They will establish best practices and release research on the best way to drive the industry forward.


XR is still a burgeoning industry that faces a number of key challenges that we must work to overcome if immersive technology is to become widely adopted. Companies of all sizes will benefit and grow with the help of our Advisory Panels and the guidance and expert analysis from our panel members.

The Impact

Our Advisory Panels will have a huge positive impact on the future of the industry as we produce best practises and industry-leading reports, it’s with this in mind that we’ve hand-selected the most well-respected and knowledgable individuals in XR to maximise the impact our steering and advisory panels have and to maintain their influence over the immersive technology industry as a whole.

Make your voice in the XR industry heard. Join and contribute to our growing list of advisory panels. 

IT’s time to make an impact

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