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XR LBE Advisory Group 

Bringing a new level of immersion to the masses.

Scaling LBE Locations to New Heights

The XR LBE Advisory Panel consists of a number of industry experts working to create state-of-the-art destinations for incredible virtual reality experiences.  

The core remit of this panel is to bring a new level of immersion to the masses by implementing them into theme parks, cinemas, attractions, museums, and more. Publicly shared and distributed best practices and guidelines will encourage the implementation of XR into attractions, deconstructing barriers and changing perceptions.

Our Group Members

Aaron Pulkka   Designer, Producer and Consultant

Advisory Group Chair

Aaron is a creative producer of interactive immersive attractions with 20+ years of experience, including roles at Walt Disney Imagineering, Sony, Activision, Two Bit Circus, and Madison Square Garden Entertainment.

He began working on XR in the early 1990s at the University of Washington Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HITLab), where he earned a master’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering before starting his professional career at the Walt Disney Imagineering VR Studio as a Show Designer creating attractions for DisneyQuest.

Since then Aaron has worked on a wide variety of mass-appeal projects for the home and out-of-home entertainment markets for companies large and small, including start-ups he co-founded in China and the USA where he produced numerous mobile games and award winning spatially-aware apps for Google Tango and Microsoft HoloLens.

He is also a Featured Collaborator for the Spatial Activations consulting agency, Advisor to Coin Crew Games, and a passionate speaker on the topics of VR/AR/XR, location-based entertainment, globally distributed development, and interactive storytelling.

Leila Amirsadeghi   Founder & CEO, MESH 

Leila has over 20 years in Entertainment, Technology & Event Production developing digital products across mobile, web, OTT, AR & VR, while launching award-winning marketing campaigns for brands and startups. Her experience includes working with Microsoft, Two Bit Circus, Disney, Cleanbox Technology, Warner Bros, Meow Wolf and Universal Studios. 

Leila has produced large-scale events and festivals, launched several location-based experiences and was co-creator/producer of the Unreal Garden, the world’s first mass mixed reality location-based experience. Planning and producing events and experiences in the virtual and real worlds, including, F.E.A.S.T (immersive dining), BRCv (Burning Man 2020), Baba Yaga (Red Carpet VR Film Premiere), E3 AR pop-up, and more. Leila’s career in immersive started in 2007 with a project for Adobe MAX using projectors and Wii remotes, and an AR experience for Playmates toys in 2008. 

Leila is co-author of the book “A Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts & Roles of Immersive Media”, released in March 2020. Leila leads XR consultancy MESH, is a founding member of Spatial Activations, a creative consultancy launched by Vince Kadlubek (Meow Wolf, and Collimation, a music industry XR production company, serves as the interim CMO at Enklu, and also works with a number of companies as consultant, curator, producer and advisor, including AREA15, LBX Immersive, Keyframe Entertainment and PortalsXR.

Leila is a member of AIXR’s LBE Advisory Board and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in XR. She is working on new pioneering location-based and virtual experiences due to launch in 2021 and 2022. Leila has been a Burner since 2002 and a Black Rock Ranger since 2007.

Cyril Voiron Executive Producer, Ubisoft Blue Byte

Cyril possesses 20+ years experience in international video game development and publishing – from retail box products to F2P online, mobile games to LBVR, bringing a strong team management know-how, marketing knowledge, expertise in business models & forecasting and an extensive experience in product development and live operations.

Ubisoft Escape Games are creating outstanding escape games in VR, set in the Ubisoft gaming worlds we all know and love. These include Escape the Lost Pyramid & Beyond Medusa’s Gate set in the Assasins Creed universe as well as Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time.


Tom Hamilton Founder and CEO, Rush VR

Tom Hamilton is the CEO and Founder of Rush VR, a virtual reality entertainment centre in the heart of Milton Keynes, the Xscape. 

Since founding Rush VR, Tom has since joined Immotion’s Senior management team as Business Development Director EMEA. He is spearheading the implementation of Immotion’s ‘Blue Ocean Series’ into attractions all over the EMEA region.


Doug Griffin VP, Partnerships & Strategy, LoomAI

Technology executive experienced in strategy, product, business development, M&A, and product development. Hands-on experience product managing location based virtual reality, wearable devices, gesture systems, spatial computing, motion tracking software/hardware, mobile user analytics, avatar systems, and other spatial computing / media & entertainment products. Particular passion in bringing next-generation experiences to consumers.

Over the past 20 years Doug has pioneered efforts in Virtual Reality, Animated Film, Console and Mobile Gaming, and Visual Effects. During this time he has been a founder building studios from the ground up, an early employee driving product and company strategy, and an executive improving processes at publicly traded tech companies.

Chris Adams  CEO & Co-founder, The Dream Corporation

Chris Adams is the CEO & Co-founder of The Dream Corporation, creators of “OTHERWORLD”: a virtual reality paradise in the cloud, accessed through a global network of real-world portals.

OTHERWORLD launched in 2018 to rave reviews and critical acclaim, including The Times, Evening Standard, BBC News and Time Out. 

Max Rheiner  CEO, Birdly / Somniacs

Max Rheiner is CEO and founder of SOMNIACS AG, a Spin-Off of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), which transformed the research project ‘Birdly®’ into a commercial product. He received his Diploma from Zurich University of the Arts in the field of New Media Arts, in 2003 and has been teaching in both the bachelors and masters programs for the Department of Interaction Design, since 2006. Max specializes in Immersive Experiences, Embodied Interaction and Physical Computing. He conceived and developed the Physical Computing Laboratory for the Department of Interaction Design and has been running the Immersive Experience Lab since 2016.

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