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XR Enterprise Advisory Group

Shifting the image of XR towards a valuable enterprise tool.

Transforming Perceptions Towards XR for Enterprise

The XR Enterprise Advisory Group consists of a number of industry experts working to get companies started in XR. From studios working on virtual training tools, to creating collaborative tools in a virtual space, all group members are working to overcome traditional challenges with a modern solution. This group will make this process easier through a combination of reports, best practices & guidelines.

The core remit of this group is to explore the potential for virtual and augmented reality to transform business as we currently know it. Publically shared and distributed best practices and guidelines will encourage enterprise to make the leap into XR, and change public perceptions of the technology to a valuable enterprise too.

Our Panel Members

Sam Watts   Director of Immersive Technologies, Make Real

Advisory Group Chair

Sam is the leading evangelist for immersive technology and validation of their use cases within enterprise, entertainment and location-based installations for Make Real, a studio based in Brighton, UK. Fostering relationships and partnerships with all leading hardware manufacturers keeps Make Real, their clients and partners ahead of the game. Internally Sam runs and heads up the Make Real R&D team, The Drawing Board and maps out external comms to drive awareness of activities.

Sam is a passionate commentator on the emergence of XR, regularly speaking at industry events.

Marryam Chaudhry Founder and CEO, XR 2 LEAD

Advisory Group Deputy Chair

Marryam is the CEO/Founder of XR 2 LEAD, an immersive learning solutions company.  She is a tech savvy professional and a witty, gritty, no drama mama with 23+ years of experience. Her obsession with AR & VR, combined with her expertise is in the area of learning, coaching, change management, leadership development and instructional design, has opened up an exciting new era of immersive learning that is fun and effective. Her focus is on exploring the creative potential of upskilling and reskilling the workforce through AR & VR, along with making an impact in the travel/tourism, water infrastructure, military and defense sectors.

Prior to XR 2 LEAD, Marryam had founded a very successful training & HR consultancy firm and was exclusively featured in an international women’s CEO magazine for her work. She has worked with clients Nestle, Haier, Pepsi, Tetra pack, USAID, Volvo and Nissan, as well as public sector organizations. She has authored an audio/ visual learning program for “Developing a High-Performance Mindset” and was nominated for “The Global Training and Development Leadership Award” in 2017, by the World Training and Development Congress governed by the Global Advisory Council.

Danielle Burnstein  Senior Director Business Development, Sixense Enterprises

Danielle Burnstein is the Senior Director of Business Development at Sixense Enterprises. Sixense Enterprises Inc. is a leading developer of immersive computing solutions for companies across industries, including healthcare, training, retail, and entertainment. Our team leverages years of experience in virtual and augmented reality to create a powerful competitive advantage for our customers and partners. The Sixense Full-Presence System is a turnkey VR/AR solution that enables companies to develop and commercialize products that improve lives.

Amy Peck  Sr. Director Enterprise, HTC Vive

Amy lives and breathes Virtual & Augmented Reality, particularly for enterprise, education & entertainment. She works with mid-market and enterprise companies looking to integrate AR/VR solutions.

 From healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and entertainment to government and industrial use cases, Amy’s personal goal is to bridge the gap between the leading edge tech and her clients ready to adopt the myriad solutions in the AR/VR stratosphere.

Rama CN  Partner, Entropia XR

Senior marketing, brand and advertising professional with experience in Business Development, Brand Management, Creative, Sales & Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Media Strategy and Extended Reality. Bringing strategic expertise across the above disciplines and having worked in local and regional management in diversified industries, geographies and with large multicultural teams.

Satwik Kommabhatla   Director of XR, E3IQ

Satwik, Tech evangelist, AR/VR business strategist, Developer and Director of XR at E3IQ( He previously held positions at organizations including Tata Consultancy Services and Electronic Arts.

He brings over 5 years of experience in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality to build and deliver XR projects. He can play a vital role in making key decisions in selecting the right technology stack for B2B and B2C XR applications and committed to helping customers start the adoption of XR and get ahead with generating revenue & cost-cutting.

Under his leadership, his team is building next-gen XR experiences for a wide range of Head Mounted Displays available in the market. He manages a portfolio of XR products and services that are robust and driven by AI in several aspects.

Joe Connolly  Co-Founder, Sketchbox

Joe is a co-founder of Sketchbox. The first design tool crafted for augmented and virtual reality.  Sketchbox makes creating VR training simulations easier for Fortune 500 companies like IBM and 3M.

Alex Coulombe  Creative Director, Agile Lens

Architect turned XR-chitect, Alex Coulombe is a designer, developer, and educator who has worked in VR/AR for over 10 years. After earning his B.Arch. from Syracuse University, Alex practiced at such firms as Rafael Viñoly Architects and Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, always advocating for the utilization of emerging technologies to communicate design intent. After developing the world’s first virtual reality system for evaluating theatre sightlines at Fisher Dachs Associates: Theatre Planning and Design, he co-founded the NYC-based studio, Agile Lens.

Projects have included The Shed, David Geffen Hall, The Statue of Liberty Museum, Rice University Music and Performing Arts Center, and the dome of the Ed Sullivan Theatre for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In 2019 the live VR theatre piece “Loveseat” was selected for the Venice Film Festival; Alex designed the virtual set, props, lighting, and even the theatre the performances were viewed in by audience members in Venice and around the world viewed the performances in. Alex also co-created the award-winning Magic Leap ghost speed-dating experience, “Ghosted.” A rising thought leader in emerging tech, Alex speaks at conferences around the world and teaches Unity at Syracuse University.

Karthik Raju  CTO, Deliverain

Karthik is the Chief Technology Officer at Deliverain Technologies, a deep tech company that harnesses immersive computing for enterprises; and whose mission is to democratize deep technologies and to bring them to fruition for enterprises. Karthik’s obsession with begetting perfection and usable applications has driven him to success. He is passionate in the areas of XR, AI, and Cloud-based technologies. He began his career with Mindtree, building applications on .Net based technologies and also incubated and led a team of XR. In several sectors like BFSI, Travel & Transport, Manufacturing, CPG & Retail, Health care etc., he intrigues to produce creative solutions to learn/relearn in a more helpful/fun way and be a greater performant with the aid of XR.

He believes in – Not only the modern problems require modern solutions, but the old ones need too!

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